Past projects include:


"Matt is passionate, hard working, detailed, and a pleasure to work with. All around, a fantastic producer with innovative ideas -- i.e. "You Hear It First"!


Deanna Caligiuri

Senior Events Producer, Viacom


Pacorazzi Productions LLC is a multi-media video production & events planning company with t​he expertise to create a wide range of visual content & exciting experiences -- ranging from multi-media news stories, documentaries and promos to black tie galas & thrilling polo matches.


What Clients Say About Us

"We have worked with Pacorazzi Productions on several projects related to our American Journey Awards multi-media presentations. They are efficient, creative and able to internalize what a client's needs are and produce a superior product. They met all of our deadlines on time, and we were inspired by their creativity and innovation. Matt Paco's remarkable reputation is well deserved."


Mike Mallory

Executive Director, Ron Brown Scholars

Executive Producer MATT PACO has over 10 years of award-winning production experience working with numerous companies including NBC, MTV, VH1, Fuse, PBS, LittleThings.com & the University of Virginia. He has also led several charity organizations such as The Harriman Cup.